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About Us



2020 was an unprecedented year for us all and while I missed working when Gloucester Studio was closed along with all other restaurants, for the first time in years I was able to reflect on what I really wanted my life to be like. Around homeschooling we grew sunflowers and vegetables, camped in the garden and despite being desperate to leave my family’s farm to go to university as a teenager, I now found myself dreaming of a more rural life. I honoured my bookings when I was allowed to reopen and was so grateful for the patience and loyalty of everyone who had booked with me but in my time between events I started looking at the towns of The Cotswolds to find a new home.


In the spring of 2022, we moved to a charming little cottage in the market town of Tetbury. Our new home was less than half of the size of our Gloucester House but had a much bigger garden and is the perfect backdrop to a slower, more romantical way of living. We now keep chickens, have two Pygmy Goats and are doing a bee keeping course; we have a fancy pond with goldfish and waterlillies and a nature pond where we sit and watch for frogs.

Our Team.

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