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Pygmy Goat Picnics


I have always loved goats but it was at Frampton Country Fair in 2023 when we saw a Pygmy goat pulling a tiny cart, that owning goats struck me as being something that could shape Pyromaniac Chef. Joan and Dawn joined our family in March 2024 and it has been a chaotic adventure since then as Toby and I try to train them to walk nicely to heel and ultimately pull a cart loaded with picnic treats.

Located on the outskirts of Tetbury, Larkhill was planted in 2018 and now produces a range of delicious wines. The vineyard is a popular site for tastings and events and was an obvious choice for a destination for us to walk to. We will launch walks and tastings this summer so watch this space.

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The Trouble House is one of our favourite pubs and a beautiful two-mile walk from The Goods Shed in Tetbury. We will launch walks and lunches this summer so watch this space.

Alternatively, we could come to you. Joan and Dawn are happy to travel in my car and we could combine my catering with their cheeky charms. Contact us for ideas about your next event.

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